Why You May Want To Retire In Costa Rica

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Why You May Want To Retire In Costa Rica

Postby Scott » Wed Nov 28, 2007 11:42 pm

Why You May Want To Retire In Costa Rica
by Scott Hughes

Costa Rica has become a popular destination for vacations, weddings, honeymoons, and many other trips. Costa Rica has also become home to many resorts, conferences, and social gatherings. With so much hype about Costa Rica, you may consider retiring there. You are not alone. Many people from the United States and other English-speaking countries have retired in Costa Rica. There are many advantages of retiring in Costa Rica.

First of all, the lower cost-of-living in Costa Rica makes it a great retirement spot. Your savings and your retirement income will buy you more in Costa Rica than it will in the United States. If you lived and worked in Costa Rica, you would also receive a lower pay, which would balance out the lower cost-of-living. However, retirees have the advantage of receiving the same income no matter where they live. By retiring in Costa Rica, you can save a lot of money.

Another great thing about retiring in Costa Rica is that the local people are so polite. Politeness is a major part of Costa Rican culture. You will find that polite and helpful people come in especially handy when you have moved to a new place and do not know your way around that well.

You will also love the weather in Costa Rica. It is warm year-round. The only drawback is that Costa Rica does have a rainy season. If you really dislike the rain, Costa Rica may not be for you.

The wildlife in Costa Rica is amazing. There are all sorts of animals and plants. It is very green in Costa Rica, and the scenery is beautiful.

Costa Rica also has beautiful beaches on both sides of the country. If you really wanted, you could visit the Pacific beaches on one side of the country and the Caribbean beaches on the other side all in the same day. You can relax on the beaches, but you can also engage in various activities such as SCUBA diving or fishing.

Before retiring in Costa Rica, you want to think about it carefully. Research the country and the retirement laws. You do not want to make such a major decision on an emotional whim. If you have not visited Costa Rica, try visiting it a few times before deciding on retiring there. Also, remember that Costa Rica is a Spanish-speaking country, so you probably want to start learning some Spanish if you plan on moving there.

Whatever you do, good luck and have fun!

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Yes I agree with your post,really a informative one...Thanks for this...Keep posting...!!!
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