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Arguably the best place in the world to travel, the beautiful country of Costa Rica offers you many ways to travel to Costa Rica and then to get around in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Travel - How to Get There

When traveling to Costa Rica, you first need to choose from the different travel options. You can travel to Costa Rica by boat, bus, plane or car.

Travel by Plane

There are two major public airports in Costa Rica. Juan Santamaria Airport (SJO) is located near to the Costa Rican capital San Jose and the city Alajuela, Heredia. Juan Santamaria Airport charges a $26 exit fee, which must be paid in cash or by Visa as a cash advance. The other airport, Daniel Oduber Quiros International (LIR) is close to Liberia in the Guanacaste province on the Pacific Northwest coast.

Travel by Car

You could theoretically travel to Costa Rica by car from anywhere on the main land mass that makes up the continents of South and North America. However, unless you know the way and our nearby, traveling to Costa Rica by car is probably not an option for your trip to Costa Rica.

The main entry point by car is the Interamericana (Panamerican Highway), which goes through Costa Rica. Almost all travel out of the capital (except to the Carribean side) will involve traveling this road. The Nicaraguan border post is called Penas Blancas and the southern post (to Panaman) is called Paso Canoas.

Costa Rican roads tend to be in terrible shape, and even short trips can take a very long time. Many roads are unpaved, and even the paved roads have numerous unpaved sections and unfinished or broken bridges. Many times, the width of a bridge can only contain one vehicle.

Travel by Bus

You can travel to Costa Rica using bus services from the neighboring countries of Nicaragua, Panama, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. There is a broad network of bus routes throughout the country with affordable fares and typically comfortable seating. It is helpful to be able to speak Spanish if you are going to use the bus system to travel in Costa Rica.

Travel by Boat

Mostly from Bocas del Toro in Panama, there are boat transfers available into Costa Rica. Usually twice a day there is a boat service from Los Chiles (in NE Costa Rica) to San Carlos, Nicaragua. The total cost is about $6.00. The boats typically only run in the morning time.

Costa Rica Travel - How to Get Around

You can travel in Costa Rica by bus, rental car, taxi, or hitching. Costa Rican people - called Ticos - are very nice, and will usually help if they can. Although you should offer money if you hitch, the Ticos will usually turn it down.

Stay safe, have fun, and enjoy your trip to Costa Rica!

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