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Costa Rica's Flag

Costa Rica's Flag

Costa Rica officially adopted their current flag on September 29, 1948. Costa Rica's flag has five horizontal stripes, and also features the country's three volcanoes. It has a wide red stripe in the middle, surrounded by two white stripes, with the blue strips lining the edges. Each stripe takes up one sixth of the flag, except the red stripe which takes up two sixths (or one third) of the flag.

When the Costa Rican flag does not have the shield, the Costa Ricans refer to it as 'Bandera.' This type of flag is used for parties and civil activities. However, most merchant ships, foreign missions, government offices, public offices, high-schools, and primary schools must have a flag with the shield, which they call a 'Pabellon Nacional.'

Costa Rican Flag with Seal

The white and blue on Costa Rica's flag are the original colors used by the United Provinces of Central America. Each color symbolizes important features of Costa Rica.

The red symbolizes the warmth of the Costa Rican people, their generous attitude, their love to live and their blood shed for freedom.

White symbolizes happiness, clear thinking, wisdom, and the peace of Costa Rica.

Blue symbolizes the sky, opportunities at reach, perseverance, intellectual thinking, eternity, and religious and spiritual ideals.

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