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Costa Rica

The Central American country of Costa Rica lies between the nations of Nicaragua and Panama. On the east and west sides of Costa Rica, the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean meet the beautiful world-renowned Costa Rican beaches. The polite Costa Rican people, known as ticos, can inform you of the rich culture and history of Costa Rica, the first country in the world to constitutionally abolish its army.

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November 28, 2007 - Why You May Want To Retire In Costa Rica by Scott Hughes - With so much hype about Costa Rica, you may consider retiring there. There are many advantages of retiring in Costa Rica.

Central America

Central America is, physically, an isthmus. Central America is the central region of the Americas. It is varibly defined either as being the southern tip of North America or being a region in its own right. Costa Rica is located in Central America.

Latin America

Latin America contains both the country of Costa Rica and the region of Central America. In contrast, Latin America is not entirely an isthmus, because Latin America includes the southern tip of South America. Latin America is the region of the Americas where Romance languages are the prime or official laungage. Latin America makes up the majority of the sourthern part of the Americas. Latin America is different from Anglo-America, because English is a Germanic language.

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We have a large collection of general information about Costa Rica, the rainforest, the flag, and the history and other facts. We have pictures too!

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You can travel to Costa Rica, tour Costa Rica, rent a car, go on vacation, stay in a hotel, or resort. Whatever you want to do, come down to Costa Rica; you'll have fun!

Whether you're visiting friends or relatives already in Costa Rica or just want to tour the country on your own, you won't regret visiting Costa Rica.

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Moving to Costa Rica

Whether your retired or just looking to live overseas for a few years, Costa Rica is a great place to live both temporarly or permanately. If you plan to move to Costa Rica, we have information about real estate, rentals, and immigration laws.

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We have a variety of information for anyone living in Costa Rica or planning on living in Costa Rica. We have information about weather, surfing, fishing, the culture, the women, and the cost of living.

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